Keeping Classic and Modified Cars on our roads.

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...And how authorities are trying to remove them...

As a lot of you may have read my Facebook post regarding my recent interaction with SPS and SGI, I am asking any concerned parties to pledge their support here. 

We have to protect our rights and to be able to enjoy our car hobbies.  This not only impacts our personal connections but also business entities as well. 

We want to keep our cars on the roads that we have been driving on for years and are an important aspect of our daily lives. 

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Update: First I would like to thank all of the car enthusiasts that have signed. We are blown away by the support. The car community is huge and we want to just be able to enjoy our cars without being singled out and put under a microscope.I have had discussions with government,media,business owners,police officers and car enthusiasts.We have lived in Saskatoon most of our lives and have registered too many vehicles through SGI to count (both classic and regular). The Falcon has been registered and plated for 38 yrs with not one accident claim and was "allowed" on the road all that time until now.. When you get pulled over and issued a ticket you don't think you deserve is one thing. You have a choice to pay it or go to court, but when they proceed to look at your car (without permission) then give you a piece of paper that invalidates a person's lifetime investment and hard work that is another. And deems it unsafe for the road.Classic modified vehicles are everywhere. When done properly, modifications improve the safety of the vehicle. As time goes by, replacement parts become limited or unavailable. Many of our cars need these modificiations so we can continue to drive them. But once again, it doesn't impede the safety of the vehicle.

There are car families, car clubs,car shows, automotive businesses and functions(including charities) that have been ongoing for years, focused on the love and enjoyment of cars, trucks,bikes,etc. 

When people are motivated to create something unique, they shouldn't be harassed.

I have been reading lots of great comments and this one sums it up...


I am reminding all petitioners to please refrain from using abusive or derogatory comments. This is about making things better for our hobby.