Change window tint laws in Saskatchewan to allow certain level of tint

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In Saskatchewan, for as long as there as been a law against window tinting, absolutely no window tint is permitted on the front side windows of any vehicle. There have been several reasons given as to why window tint is not permitted on the front side windows, none of which are backed by any research or valid reasoning. 

Through this petition, we would like for the law against window tinting to be changed to allow a reasonable amount of window tinting. There are many safety benefits to window tinting (up to a certain darkness) such as reducing sun glare, headlight glare, heat, and UV rays, all while maintaining a safe level of visibility at night time (in fact, increasing visibility, by decreasing excess headlight/street light glare). 

Several other provinces, along with many states in the USA currently allow a certain darkness of window tint, showing that our current law is not in place for road safety, but rather as a method of income for the city/police service. It is currently a $115 ticket, and they don't even force you to remove the tint, proving it as a money grab. If other provinces/states don't have such a major restriction on tint, neither should we in Saskatchewan (especially with how hot the sun gets during summer). 

It would be unreasonable to demand that all window tint be legal, as there is a certain level (around 35%) at which the dangers outweigh the benefits, however it is only at this level when window tinting becomes a danger on public roads. 

If this law can be changed, not only could it make drivers feel safer on our roads, but it will also give police more time to focus on the real threats to our safety, such as speeding, running red lights/stop signs, and other dangerous offenses.