SFU: Investigate Your Student Chris Lau's Hate Speech against Women

SFU: Investigate Your Student Chris Lau's Hate Speech against Women

June 11, 2022
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Started by Anya Li

We are writing to inform you of the misogynistic comments, verbal abuses, and violent threats Chris Lau committed against women. We believe he is currently a student of Simon Fraser University and we urge your committee to start an investigation against him. This individual’s hate speech should not have a place in the SFU community or really, in anywhere. We will not stand this individual’s insult to all women and will not let his behavior go unpunished. 

On Thursday 9 June 2022, a security camera footage recorded a woman being sexually harassed by several strangers in Tangshan, China. The women tried to get one man’s hand off her and keep her distance from the aggressors, but the aggressors grabbed her and punched her, threatening to rape her by the street.  The woman’s other female companions tried to defend her by fighting the aggressors, but they were instead pushed to the ground and badly beaten on the street for almost five minutes. Two of the women are still hospitalized and their heath conditions unknown. Please see the security footage attached. https://youtu.be/X5hetm7S4V8

Following this horrific and disgusting event, Chris Lau posted the picture of one of the female victims being badly injured, and made on a social media, in Chinese, the following statements towards the above hate crime targeting women: 

Mandarin version of Chris' violence threats: shorturl.at/yCDU7

English translation of Chris' violence threats: 
(In Image 1) Chris: Haha. Where is your barbaric strength now? This is not targeting women but you should know that you are weaker than men. [This woman] deserves this and she’s just paying for her stupidity for trying to stop stronger men [from sexually harassing her friend].

(In Image 2) Chris: So you [girls] are saying, if you’re sexually harassed, you will also curse and fight back like her? If you are that idiotic, you really deserve to be beaten up.

(In Image 3) Chris: [When someone commented in support of the victims] No matter how loud you are online, you are going to be beaten up in reality if you are not quiet. Next time we meet [in real life] I will beat you up and make you viral too.  

As anyone can see, Chris Lau insulted the victims of assault and spread several violence threats to people who support the victims. Women in the SFU community should not tolerate a classmate like Chris Lau, as his hate speech poses severe threats to female safety and livelihood in SFU and in Greater Vancouver. We urge SFU to take actions to prevent others from being emboldened by the lack of consequence to what Chris has said and done. 

Again, we urge SFU to start an investigation against Chris Lau’s hate speech against women, and reconsider whether his admission to continue his study at a highly regarded institution like SFU. 

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Signatures: 1,898Next Goal: 2,500
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