Bring back the 31-Balboa THIS YEAR!

Bring back the 31-Balboa THIS YEAR!

June 2, 2021
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Started by Rusty Everclear

The Tenderloin neighborhood is the most dense part of San Francisco where you will find one of the few places in SF where it is affordable to working class people and people on fixed income.  It also has a large concentration of seniors and families with children in San Francisco.  The population density of the Tenderloin neighborhood is 58,000 residents per square mile  compared to the SF average is 16,000 per square mile.   Despite close to main transit hubs, the residents of the TL still need the 31-Balboa to go to the Western part of the city  (W. Addition, Jefferson Square park, USF, Richmond neighborhoods,  Golden Gate Park, and Ocean Beach), especially if residents would like to get to services in the western part of the city, like Kaiser and to more open space - parks/beaches - that the TL does not have much of.  Also, consider the residents of Western Addition who also need this bus route to access the West and East part of San Francisco.   

Having to walk 2-3 blocks for the 38 and 5 can be too far for seniors, people with disabilities, and people who have to navigate through the Tenderloin that can be, frankly, dangerous.   Asians, especially Asian Seniors have also been a target of racial violence, and for them a closer access to transit lines will help in making them feel a little safer.   Other wealthier neighborhoods have resources to access other services, like taxi and rideshares - the TL does not have the same.  The TL's median income is  less than half of the city's median income.  

We asked for the return of the 31-Balboa last year (see: but decided to drop the demand because of the pandemic, however, after about a year and the re-opening of SF, the 31-Balboa was not included in the SFMTA plan - even though they knew we have been asking for it.   Rather than providing us with specific explanation about how it can't returned, they brushed us off again without really considering our points nor are we even provided any alternatives based on the real concerns that has been voiced.  Here are a few more statistics: 80% of 31 Balboa riders have household incomes below $75,000 and 9% of 31-Balboa riders have disabilities, compared to just 4% system-wide.   THIS IS NOT WHAT EQUITY LOOKS LIKE.  

We demand for the return of the 31-Balboa or give us better alternatives.  Sign the petition and thank you for your support!

田德隆(Tenderloin) 社區是舊金山人口最稠密的地區,這裡是舊金山大多數的工薪階層和固定收入人群負擔得起的地方之一。 舊金山也有大量老年人和有孩子的家庭。田德隆(Tenderloin) 社區的人口密度為每平方英里 58,000 名居民,而舊金山的平均人口密度為每平方英里 16,000 名。 儘管靠近主要交通樞紐,田德隆(Tenderloin)  的居民仍然需要 31號巴士-Balboa 才能前往城市的西部地區(西加區(Western Addition)、杰斐遜廣場公園、列治文社區、金門公園和海洋海灘),特別是如果 居民希望獲得城市西部的服務, USF, ,如 Kaiser 和更多的開放空間 - 公園/海灘 - 田德隆(Tenderloin)  沒有太多。 此外,請考慮西加區 (Western Addition) 的居民,他們也需要這條巴士路線前往舊金山的西部和東部。

乘搭 38 號巴士 和 5 號巴士必須步行 2-3 個街區對於老年人、殘疾人和必須穿過田德隆(Tenderloin)的人來說可能太遠了,坦率地說,這可能是危險的。 亞洲人,尤其是亞洲老年人也一直是種族暴力的目標,對他們來說,靠近公交線路將有助於讓他們感到更安全。 其他較富裕的社區有資源獲得其他服務,如出租車和拼車——田德隆(Tenderloin)  沒有這些資源。 田德隆(Tenderloin) 的收入中位數不到該市收入中位數的一半。


我們去年要求歸還 31 號巴士 - Balboa(參見: -buses/ 但由於大流行而決定減少需求,但是,大約一年後,舊金山 重新開放,31號巴士-Balboa 並未包含在 SFMTA 計劃中——儘管他們知道我們一直在要求 . 他們沒有向我們提供有關如何無法重調的具體解釋,而是在沒有真正考慮我們的觀點的情況下再次對我們置之不理,我們甚至沒有根據所表達的真實擔憂提供任何替代方案。這不是公平的樣子 .

我們要求歸還 31 號巴士 - Balboa或給我們更好的選擇。 簽署請願書,感謝您的支持!


This petition made change with 1,043 supporters!

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