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Petitioning President, San Francisco Planning Commission Rodney Fong and 2 others

SF Planning Commission: Stop construction of the first 5 story home ever in Noe Valley

The San Francisco planning department has approved a precedent setting five story single family home in Noe Valley, potentially altering the character and charm of this neighborhood forever.  Noe Valley neighbors of the proposed project at 645 Duncan Street have requested a Discretionary Review hearing to appeal this decision to the planning commission who has the authority to stop or modify the project.  The hearing will take place on September 19th, 2013.  If you can't attend in person, please sign this petition if you would like to see this extremely agressive building project stopped or modified.

**Noe Valley neighbors are a group of local people concerned about development in our area - some of us live adjacent to the proposed building, others live further away**

Letter to
President, San Francisco Planning Commission Rodney Fong
Planner & Preservation Specialist, San Francisco Planning Department Doug Vu
San Francisco Supervisor, District 8 Scott Wiener
I want you to know that I strongly oppose the construction of a proposed five story home in Noe Valley at 645 Duncan Street. The scale and design elements of this building are extremely out of character with the neighborhood and are not consistent with the requirements of the San Francisco Residential Design Guidelines.

Please respect our right to maintain the character of our wonderful neighborhood by voting to oppose the developer.

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