Urge SFUSD to explore options for admissions at Lowell High School

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We are concerned with the proposal to put Lowell High School into the lottery system for this year.

We understand Lowell is facing challenges in implementing the normal admission process for applying 8th graders due to issues affecting second semester grades for 7th grade and first semester of 8th grade, as well as the lack of SBAC test results. However, we are surprised with the proposal to do away with a merit-based admission process altogether. 

San Francisco families caught off guard by the proposal for a 100% lottery admission at Lowell would like to know the district has exhausted all options to maintain the academic legacy at Lowell High School. Parents, students, and alumni are worried that the transition will become permanent and remove one of the two remaining academic and merit-based public high schools in the city.

Lowell High School is one of the gems of public education. We urge SFUSD to proceed carefully before making any change. We propose three principles for guidance:

  (A) SFUSD should clearly explain all the options they have  explored to preserve the quality of Lowell High School for all students and families.

  (B) Families and parents should have a voice in the decision-making process.

  (C) The district should strive to find the best solution to overcome the challenges caused by Covid-19 while preserving Lowell’s merit-based admissions system

The admission deadline for Lowell is two months away, which means there’s still time for the district to find the best solution moving forward. Let’s use this opportunity to innovate so that we can best serve all students.

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