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Sexual Abuse in CA Youth Prisons is Unacceptable

Recently, a jury in Rancho Cucamonga affirmed that sexual abuse in California’s prisons is unjustifiable. The jury unanimously decided that the civil rights of Guillermo Ruelas, Oscar Miranda, Alejandro Espinoza, and Martin Mendoza had been violated by James Shelby, a former guard at the Heman G. Stark Youth Prison. The lives of these four young men were forever changed by the sexual abuse they suffered in the hands of those entrusted with their care in the Division of Juvenile Justice.

This decision demands accountability from all of our State's prison guards to treat inmates with dignity and respect. That is just one basic step in creating a juvenile justice system where youth can change their mistakes into motivation and turn their lives around.

We have learned that the state intends to appeal the decision. Do not let California justify sexual abuse.   Please stand with us in telling Attorney General Jerry Brown not to appeal the decision in this case. Furthermore, ask him to stop using California’s precious resources for the guards’ defense.



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