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Stop calling pregnancy a preexisting condition, and start providing insurance coverage!

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I am writing this for my fiance, Savanna Kraft. She has been a helper pretty much all of her life. She has volunteered for the Humane Society, Kids Against Hunger, Boys and Girls club, and multiple events in the communities she's lived in. She also worked at a company called Mosaic, assisting the mentally handicapped for over three years. Then, when a job brought us down to Kansas City, she decided to try to help out via another means.

She ended up getting a job with AmeriCorps, which is the Domestic version of the peacecorps, and she has done amazing work with them over the last 8 months. She is an AmeriCorps VISTA working with Hillcrest Transitional Housing that helps transition homeless people and families into self-sufficient contributors to society. Within the first six months of her being there, she's helped raise over $8,000 in cash and non-cash resources. She has also helped coordinate multiple volunteers summing in thousands of hours of free work for AmeriCorps and Hillcrest.

This simple story of a hard working helper changes gears here: Savanna is 9 months pregnant and the insurance provided by AmeriCorps is calling her pregnancy a pre-existing condition, which means they don't want to cover it. The facts are as follows:

* She applied and was accepted for the job prior to conception.

* We did not know about her being pregnant until a month or more after she started the job and her insurance had already went into effect.

* HIPAA says that pregnancy cannot be considered a preexisting condition: "Are there illnesses or injuries that cannot be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion? Yes, as follows: 1. Pregnancy, even if the woman had no prior coverage before enrolling in her current employer's plan. ..." -

* This is not even a preexisting condition: "A pre-existing condition exclusion may be applied to your condition only if the condition is one for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the 6 months before your enrollment date in the plan." -

However, after fighting this for months they're still telling us they will not cover her. We contacted the Department Of Laber about this issue and after contacting the insurance company and discussing things with them, we were told that the DOL cannot help us further, and that HIPAA does not apply because AmeriCorps is a government funded program.

Why is a government volunteer who makes $800 a month screwed out of medical insurance, especially after Obama's universal healthcare plan? We will end up with $10,000+ in medical bills, simply because the insurance company is too cheap and stingy to cover who they're supposed to.


Please sign and help us convince seven corners to stop calling pregnancy a preexisting condition, and to start providing medical coverage for those who are making the world a better place!


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