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Settle before Christmas: Open the Library by Summer Vacation

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Do you remember when they told us our library would be open by December 2013?  Well, now it’s Thanksgiving, and there it sadly sits with no progress made on the building since it was shut down by a court restraining order earlier this year.  Negotiations are currently being conducted by the City, State, and County Officials to seek a settlement on the Northside Library and several other projects whose source of funds is contested.  In fact, one other project has already settled.  A settlement would get the library back on track way faster than any other way (e.g., legislative exemption etc).  So settlement is a great option for us!


Once it’s back on track, it will still take about 5 months before the library will be able to open its doors, so if they Settle by Christmas the library could Open by Summer Vacation.


However, with all the drama about development and parking associated with the new 49ers stadium, no one in the government is making the library settlement a priority!  But it is a priority to us – the Rivermark Moms


Government Officials:  Please settle by Christmas so our children can visit their neighborhood library this summer!


- Book Loving Moms of the Rivermark Neighborhood


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