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Remove Cameras in inspection stations.

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I'm sure as many of you already know our beautiful state of Massachusetts has added cameras to each inspection station. This is costing each shop $5,000-$10,000, so expect prices for inspection to go up. Us car and truck people need to stick together on this and have this removed. If you don't want to read what the new law consists of please skip to the last paragraph.

TheDRIVE wrote an article on this and stated "But the issues that concern most Massachusetts auto enthusiasts have to do with the safety inspection required of all vehicles, mainly ride height and exhausts. State law prohibits deviating from the factory ride height by more than two inches higher or lower. Additionally, federal law prohibits tampering with catalytic converters and requires any car originally equipped with one to have one installed. Many enthusiasts have gotten away with modifications that violate these standards for years thanks to inspectors who don't look closely enough at exhausts or care if a car is a little bit too low or a truck is too high. But the video surveillance of five cameras in the bay takes away the inspector's discretion and requires every item to be checked or risk losing their inspection license."(TheDRIVE) I'm sure many of us have work done to our vehicles that will no longer allow us to pass, even with a "buddy" you know.

Massachusetts, being 1/17 states that require inspection are going to crack down even more on these inspections " Massachusetts is one of only 17 states that require safety inspections. There is a case to be made in favor of them, considering some of the neglected unsafe vehicles on the road in states that have no inspections. But although the new system will only enforce existing laws, it may enforce them so stringently that enthusiasts' modified, but safe, vehicles that have passed for years may no longer get the state's seal of approval to occupy our roads. I know I'm a bit worried to take our VW Jetta Smyth Ute for inspection next spring. I'd hate to put all the work and money into the project only to have it fail inspection because of its body modifications. Only time will tell whether this is much ado about nothing or a serious worry for Massachusetts car enthusiasts. " (TheDRIVE)which tells me they (the state) only want new / stock cars and trucks on the road. 

How about something as simple as a cold air intake? Nope, not going to pass "Phil Sansossio of Sansossio Auto Couture, told me about additional concerns regarding modifications to intakes and exhausts that I hadn't touched on. "Cats aren't the only concern. The law is that emission/evaporator systems can't be modified. No EGR removal, no cold air intakes, no forced induction mods. I'm guessing that CARB exempt systems are still OK, but no actual statements about that, so as far as anyone knows this state could be tougher than California. " Mass stricter than California? That's ridiculous,  at least California has no lift laws, which it should be the same in Massachusetts.

I'm sure many of you are just as aggravated as I am about this. I know my close to stock F-150 with a 3" lift and 35" tires is no longer going to pass. How is that anymore of a safety hazard as a stock F-350? Rides at similar heights. For you car guys who have your vehicles lowered. How is your lowered Jetta anymore of a safety hazard compared to a stock corvette that rides much lower. You may argue suspension, but when doing a lift/lower you often upgrade the suspension.

Please sign this petition to get this new law removed to save the shops and to save us Car/Truck people. 

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