Road Tolls

Road Tolls

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Why this petition matters

Started by Michelle Towers

Let’s get behind the Aussie battler’s  where most of us have saved up for most of our lives just to own a caravan or motorhome to see the sights of our own country or can’t afford  that overseas trip you dream about. 

I am guessing most of you, like me, found out the hard way that vehicles more than 12.5 metres long and 2.8 metres high are getting slugged with astronomical TOLL costs  which are the same costs  a truck would pay.

For most of you that means when towing a van, you are longer that 12.5m and a motorhome would be higher than the 2.8m rule 

I just did a trip in my motorhome to Coffs Harbour using the M7 and M2 and had to pay $75. I am disgusted to say the least with this new revenue tactic 

Where’s the fairness in that !!

1)Trucks can claim Toll fees back through their business. Can we? NO!!

2) Are we as heavy as the trucks? NO!!

*Travel in your own country they say!

*Spend your money in our own country to boost our own economy they say!

Well it’s getting increasingly difficult to do any of that when you get slapped with these expensive costs.

Please help me in this petition to try and  abolish this new ruling that commenced on 1/10/19

Justice needs to be served !!


10,896 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!