English Dub for Persona 5 The Animation

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As most of you know, next year we will be seeing the release of Persona 5 the Animation. Even though we know it will be distributed by Aniplex it is highly unlikely that it will get an English dub. The American cast did a wonderful job in Persona 5 and it would be awesome to see them have another crack at these characters. We did get an English dub for Persona 4 the Animation but it was made by AIC ASTA. However, Persona 5 the Animation is going to be produced by A-1 Pictures.

All the anime adaptions of Persona produced by A-1 Pictures have never had an English Dub(Persona 3 The Movies, Persona 4 The Golden Animation, Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers) and I fear that Persona 5 might share the same fate. So here we are, trying to change fate and letting Atlus and A-1 Pictures know that there is demand for an English Dub of Persona 5 the Animation.