More secure pound facility for the serpentine jarrahdale shire

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The current serpentine jarrahdale pound facility can be seen from the road, and is situated on the edge of a paddock. Any animals in the pens can also be seen from the road which is not safe for them. It is also not a secure facility. An animal could be stolen from here in under 5 minutes, or even worse, tortured or killed. 
There is a can recycling bin out the front which clearly shows how public this is. People coming and going can distress the animals not to mention people dropping cans off can see the animals and may possibly do the wrong thing. 
This may all seem very dramatic but it is also possible For these things to happen. We need to stand up for animals who can’t speak for themselves. 
This facility has been there for years. It’s time that our shire has an upgrade for the pound. It needs to be secure enough so that the public can not access it unless with a staff member. The pens should be made more substantial as to Provide proper shelter from the weather as well as bedding for larger dogs. Let’s make sure no other dogs have to go through what Zeus had to go through last night, let’s make it safer and more comfortable for our animals when they decide to go on an adventure.