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Keep a child rapist and murderer in jail

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In 1987, my mother, 3 sisters and I lived in Western Sydney - there was my older sister Deborah, who was 9 years old. Then there was myself, I was 7 years old at the time, plus 2 younger siblings, both also female.

On July 15, 1987, a 21 year old male who lived in our street, broke into our house via the window of the bedroom Deborah and I shared, and proceeded to rape and murder Deborah.

This male was eventually caught, and sentenced, with his non-parole period ending on July 21, 2015. He is still in jail, as his parole application in 2015 was denied. However, he is allowed to have this reviewed every year, for an indefinite period of time.

On Tuesday, 7th March, 2017, I received a call from the Victims Register, a part of the NSW Department of Corrective Services, to advise me that of the outcomes of the Serious Offenders Review Council (SORC) meeting on Tuesday,14th February 2017. Victims Register called to advise me that SORC were sending me a letter outlining SORC's review of Rodney Thomas Clarke's classification in prison.

According to a letter SORC sent to me dated 2nd March 2017, and received on 10th March 2017:

"At its meeting of 14 February 2017, the Council formed an initial intention, pursuant to Section 67 of the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 to recommend to the Commissioner that Rodney Clarke's security classification be reduced to C3. The reason for recommending a C3 security classification is to enable the Inmate to engage in external leave programs."

The letter goes on to talk about the process of making a written submission to the Serious Offenders Review Council in relation to the above recommendation to change security classification.

This petition is to be submitted to the Serious Offenders Review Council, and the Commissioner for Corrective Services NSW, to appeal to them to re-think their recommendation to reduce Rodney Clarke's security classification.

When Rodney Clarke was arrested, he denied committing the crime for 12 years! In addition, he blamed an un-named accomplice. It wasn't until he was denied parole that he even admitted to the crime ! This man shows ZERO remorse for his crimes which tells us that you can be damn sure he will do it again!

Now this definition of evil thinks he should be paroled into society once more. Keep in mind that even his original sentencing judge Justice Terrance Cole, who handed him well over 50 years worth of time said "The attack is too horrific to even contemplate" and that Clarke "Gratified his sexual desires on an innocent 9 year old girl while slowly killing her" ... and this thing wants to be free....

Rodney Thomas Clarke applied for parole in 1999 and was told by the judge hearing the case that "he had no place in a civilized society". Well done to this judge !

He has shown no remorse for his crimes, and in fact, it even took him 12 years to admit he had a long history of violent sexual fantasies about young girls and that he had targeted my sister, Deborah.

When he again applied for parole in 2005, Supreme Court Judge Justice Peter Hidden showed us all why we do not have a justice system at all but a legal one that is badly broken, when he granted him the possibility of parole in 2015. He said "the time has come to set a date (for) the prospect for Clarke's release on parole" He went on to say "Dreadful as this murder is, I am not persuaded that it is such as to demand that Clarke should never have the prospect of release", "a date will provide him with an added incentive to work towards a law abiding lifestyle within the community"

He also went on to say that Clarke should be commended for his progress in sex offender programs and it was "encouraging" that he was opening up about the crime.

Parole was DENIED in 2015, and due to 14 months of Rehabilitation courses NOT being completed, he was not allowed to have his parole considered in 2016. However, it WILL be reviewed again this year, 2017 - in addition to SORC's recommendation that his security classification be reduced to C3 to allow him to participate in external leave programs.

Rodney Thomas Clarke is in his early 50s now, still very much capable of committing heinous crimes against our children.

He has not been rehabilitated he has just learnt what to say and to do to get him past the parole board!

To make this case even more disturbing he was only originally allowed to apply for parole as a reward for admitting that he has sexual desires towards children.

To make this easier for you the busy public to speak out we have pre written this for you all you need to do is sign. We will make it clear to the legal community that represent our view - us as the people...the public - WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS MONSTER LIVING IN OUR COMMUNITY ENDANGERING OUR CHILDREN WE WILL STAND AS A COMMUNITY AGAINST IT. This petition is being sent to the NSW State Attorney General The Honourable Mark Speakman, SC MP on:

Subject : The people of NSW demand that you decline the parole application for Rodney Thomas Clarke

Greetings Mr Speakman,

I am writing to you today on behalf of not only myself but that have signed the below petition. We ask that you emphatically decline the parole application for convicted child rapist and killer Rodney Thomas Clarke.

Rodney Thomas Clarke was originally sentenced to life in 1988, he was handed over 50 years for rape, in 1999 he was denied a chance of future parole and interestingly then admitted not only his guilt but his fantasies about harming children, also his sexual fantasies about his dead victim Debbie Keegan. He shows zero remorse and zero rehabilitation because of these facts. As such we believe he is unsafe to be released into society and around our children.

One fact about the case that may interest you Mr Speakman is the fact that Mr Clarke was the neighbor of Debbie Keegan when he raped and murdered her. Would you like him being released to be the neighbor of your children ?

Please do the right thing, not only for the family of young Debbie but also for justice and for public safety and deny Mr Clarke's parole application. Please keep him behind bars where he may never again harm another innocent.

I trust you will make the correct judgement when it comes to this matter. I and the rest of the NSW petitioners await your response Sir.

Kindest regards,


So that's how we fight back ! We use two very legal and completely justified methods at our disposal, we tell everyone we know and our democratically elected official that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

Keep this monster behind bars where he belongs ! Get behind us on this one as we know you all will, not only for the family of young Debbie, but also for our families. Do you want to be sharing the streets with this guy?

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