Respect the efforts of small and indie Android Developers.

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Respect the efforts of small and indie Android Developers.

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Dear Google Team,


Android has given a lot of technologists and independent innovators a ray of hope. Because of its openness  and wide spreadness.

But now lots of small and indie developers are being terminated in the name of policy violation even without warning! or not even a single choice is given for them to correct their mistakes.

More over there are no human beings in google to assist with developers. Only automated systems  simply yell out messages on a repeated basis, without solving our problem.

Making error is a human nature we are not asking for exemption from the error. But a chance and time to correct ourselves which is very reasonable for the efforts we make and our VALUABLE TIME we invest in developing apps.

Developers are not simple programs, just to delete from the system.

Many dev's accounts are terminated without any valid reason. People work with much hope that their project would be a successful one. But suddenly they just see the termination message to their frustration.

What we demand is a reasonable warning before account termination if the error was not corrected and definitely a human intervention to assist with developers.

Hope you understand the difficulties we face with developer relationship.


on behalf of all Developers.


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This petition had 4,102 supporters

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