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Help me getting accepted in When you sign up in this forum, you need to explain your situation, and then a mod will decide if accept you or not. I try several times to sign up, but I always get rejected. They never sent me an email explaining the reason of the rejection.

I'm an italian incel getting everyday more desperate. My last (and only) GF was 6 years ago, I never had even a kiss since then. I feel lonely and sad. Everyday I see on the streets other people holding hands and being happy with their partners, and I feel lonely and depressed, knowing that I'll never be this happy. I don't hate women, but I'm starting to think they are superficial, and if you are not a Chad, 6 feet tall and extrovert they don't consider you. I'm not tall and I'm an extreme introvert, that's why I'll be forever alone. Women don't do nothing, they wait for the Chad and live happily ever after, we men must do all the work, and if you are not fit to get laid then there is no hope for you. 

I wanted to join the forum so that I can share my experiences with others in my same situation, have some laughs, have some company and feel less lonely and desperate. I explained my situations many times, rephrasing every time, to the mods of the forum but they always reject me and they don't even comunicate me the reason. I don't know why I don't deserve to be in this forum, I think I'm an incel and I don't want to break the rules of the forum or be disrespectful, but the mods don't give me even a chance to prove myself. This situation makes me feel even more lonely, I just want to chat with other people sharing my situation. They don't allow me to do that and I don't know why. 

Please help me getting my voice heard by signing this petition, so that maybe a mod will look inside his heart and allow me to enter the forum. Thanks.