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ATTENTION ALL FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND DOG LOVERS: PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR DOGS! On December 12th, 2018, Animal Control seized my family's pitbulls, Rheagar and Arya, for biting people in the Walgreens parking lot in Wellington, FL. This was their first and only offense and no one was seriously injured.  Animal Control and the Sergeant making the decision have already stated that the dogs will probably be put down. We are still waiting on an official decision, but are expecting the worst. Please sign this petition to help us save their lives and fight against the hateful stigma and discrimination against pitbulls. 

***Please read below for the back story to this issue. Thank you for your time and support! ***

THE BACKSTORY: In Fall 2016, my brother Adam came home with 2 sweet, beautiful puppies. He named the dogs Rheagar and Arya after characters from his favorite show, Game of Thrones.  It didn’t take long for the family to completely fall in love with them, as they proved to be incredibly loving, gentle, and loyal. They immediately became part of the family. Adam brought them home in a basket and took them to see my sister, who was very ill in the hospital. These dogs brought her back to life and gave her a reason to fight and smile again. Over the next few months, the dogs did very well at training and went to the park to socialize with other dogs and people. They loved these trips! However,when my dad broke his hip and my brother tragically passed away in June 2017, no one in the family would leave the house anymore. Paralyzed by grief, my family stayed in the house for over a year. My mom only left the house to attend church. Since these were Adam’s dogs, they became a constant source of comfort to my family. We felt a part of my brother was still with us. But because no one left the house, Rheagar and Arya were no longer used to people and became very scared of them. They also became more protective of my dad as they watched him struggle with his broken hip and several surgeries. This all leads up to December 12th when my dad mistakenly took the dogs for a car ride (which they always loved) because they hadn’t been out of the house in so long. Unfortunately, this trip was too much stimulus for the dogs. Between hearing my father grunt in pain when he got out of the car (because of his recovering hip) and being in a very unfamiliar environment, the dogs became frightened and protective of my dad, leading to their rambunctious behavior in which they ran out of the car and bit 4 people in the parking lot. Animal control seized the dogs and claims they will euthanize them, even though this was their first and only offense. While we do not condone their behavior and are deeply sorry for this incident, we ask the public to please understand our story and PLEASE give them a 2nd chance. They weren’t trying to hurt anyone and did not cause any serious harm. They truly just need to be re-trained and re-socialized. Please I BEG you to give them a chance. Do not punish them for my dad’s lapse in judgment.They are good, loving dogs and part of our family. Here are the links to the news story:

Here is the link to the story and photos/videos on my facebook page:

The photos/videos on facebook show the following:

  • The dogs being loving babies sleeping cuddled up in my lap
  • My sister holding and kissing Rheagar when she was sick in the hospital
  • The dogs sleeping and loving on a 4 year old girl, cuddling up with her in bed. A video of the 4 yr old girl commanding Rheagar and Arya to sit  (they both listen to her and sit)
  • Arya at a dog park RECENTLY, loving on and kissing another person sitting on the bench. This person was a  total stranger to her. (When I visit my family, I try to bring Arya to the park with my dog to get her out of the house. There are absolutely ZERO issues with aggression or biting whatsoever. *When Rheagar and Arya are separated, they are more likely to listen and not be distracted by each other)
  • A video of Rheagar cuddling up in a woman's arms, showing her affection and subtly asking for a belly rub! 
  • The dogs in the backyard surrounded by very strong, impenetrable fences. The family spent $14,000 on these fences which have several locks, doors, and light fixtures, ensuring the safety of the home as well as the ability to keep the dogs retained on the property at all times if need be. This fencing was installed because the family used to have 6 dogs (we are dog lovers!) on the property and wanted ample space to allow them to run and play. 

**It is also important to note that while the dogs haven't really been out of the house in the last year and a half the way they used to be, my father did take them on short walks in the neighborhood (he walked the dogs separately down the block for a couple houses, which has also been helping him in his physical therapy). Never once on any of these walks did the dogs ever show any aggression toward another human or dog. 

Again, our family is so deeply sorry for what has happened--this was a tragic accident.  But we are also willing to do whatever it takes to correct this issue and rehabilitate these dogs whether that be through muzzling, retaining the dogs on the property at all times, extensive training of both the dogs and the owners, etc.

We are just pleading with you to spare their lives and allow them to come home to their family! 

***PLEASE read our story and the background information. If you feel compelled to help, please call Sgt King at 561-233-1200 and her superior Capt Walesky at 561- 233-1212 and leave a message**

Death should never be the first option.

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Thank you for your support!