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Petitioning Persons with Disabilities, EFL University, Hyderabad The Vice Chancellor EFL University Hyderabad and 1 other

Separate Date for Counselling for the academic year 2013-14 for Persons with Disabilities in EFL University, Hyderabad

in the preceding histories of EFL University with regard to the admissions and counselling, there were many lapses and resulted in many fake PWD students got in. Some active students organization could control and exposed the fake canidatures at the time of admissions. To put an end to the fake candidatures, we have to have a proper set for PWD for verification at the time of couselling by appointing govt doctors with specializations from Gandhi /Osmania/Sarojini Devi Hospitals.

Lets the opportunities of PWD must get only to the genuine PWD....

Letter to
Persons with Disabilities, EFL University, Hyderabad The Vice Chancellor EFL University Hyderabad
Shanker Sampangi
30th May 2013
The Vice Chancellor
EFL University

Dear Ma’am
Sub: - request for separate a date for counselling/admission for the academic year 2013-14for persons with disabilities. Reg.

We the persons with disabilities of EFL University would like to bring to your kind notice that in the preceding years of EFL University history, the admission and Counselling for persons with disabilities was not appropriate and there was a lot of injustice done since there was no proper counselling setup. Because of many administrative lapses with regard to admissions for persons with disabilities, many aspirant for EFL University lost opportunities particularly SC/ST/OBC aspirants from rural areas. In this regard, we the persons with disabilities of EFL University request you arrange a separate date for counselling and admission along with appointing doctors from the Osmania/Gandhi Hospitals specialist in orthopedic, ophthalmologists and ENT to avoid the fake admission.

The other thing we would like to inform you that every year a few fake candidates getting admissions claiming persons with disabilities by producing fake certificates. Therefore, we request you arrange the proper counselling/admission set up for persons with disabilities.
Thanking you Ma’am

Yours truly

Shanker Sampangi
Research Scholar
Member Cell for the Disabled, EFL-University,Hyderabad

Copy to: Cell for the Disabled, Registrar, COE, and Students Organizations