stop poaching

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For hundreds of years poaching has been illegal across the globe, but it still is a huge problem in Africa. Big game trophy hunters have started to change the ways that they hunt for these so called “trophies” by manipulating government regulations to get away with the murder of protected animals in broad daylight. Some of these manipulations are as cruel as just luring protected animals out of their park’s protected boundaries. This was the case when an American dentist used bait to lure out the lion, Cecil, a famous zimbabwean lion. After being lured out of the safety of the park, Cecil was shot with a crossbow. Roughly 40 hours later, the dentist went back in to finish the defenseless icon off with a rifle. After posing for the infamous picture,  he skinned and decapitated Cecil, leaving his body in the middle of the brush where it was found days later. Every year, nearly 665 lions are killed by foreign hunters which then export their carcusses back to countires with an illegal market for these certain item. Instances like this can be easily fixed by spreading the word to the world to help raise awareness for animals like Cecil.

We are asking for government oversight or takeover of open ranches in South Africa, because these ranches in South Africa were used to help repopulate the lion population, but instead they are breeding these cubs at alarming rates about 5 liters of cubs every 2 years. They are also supposed to help bring back the Lion population and wild populations of lions have declined by 80% in 20 years, so the rise of lion farms and canned hunting has not protected wild lions. In fact, according to Fiona Miles, director of Lionsrock, a big cat sanctuary in South Africa run by the charity Four Paws, it is fuelling it. The lion farms' creation of a market for canned lion hunts puts a clear price-tag on the head of every wild lion, she says; they create a financial incentive for local people, who collude with poachers or turn a blind eye to illegal lion kills. Trophy-hunters who begin with a captive-bred lion may then graduate to the real, wild thing. In result they raise these baby cubs to be killed later on. With these ranchers which are supposed to be cutting down on poachers there, but instead it has been going up for example, In the five years to 2006, 1,830 lion trophies were exported from South Africa; in the five years to 2011, 4,062 were exported, a 122% increase, and the vast majority captive-bred animals. In all these cubs are being raised to die and be hunted down by humans and they cannot escape their death, this is why we need the government to step in to save them.