10 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Diana Lowe

Lately the residents of level 21-33, have been affected with no power supply for the past 24 hours. The event took place at 1430 on Friday 09/07/2021. All the affected residents had done their part and complained immediately when the event took place. Only at 1600 hours the management had decided that they would get their personal charge man to look at the issue while promising the affected residents a temporary arrangement for power supply should be provided soon. Following that at 2000 hours the management had informed us the charge man are still in the midst of getting the issue sorted.

However only at 2200 hours the management had notified the respective owners that they understand it has been 8 hours since the incident and it took them longer than anticipated to get hold of a technician. The management released a statement saying it will take them another 4 hours to get things back to normal. Hence 4 hours later the "creator of the petition" paid a visit to the guard house only to discover that no one from the management and no such technician were in the building anymore and had left since 2000 hours.

The last straw for the residents was the ignorance and irresponsibility that came 24 hours too late. An official black and white notice was left at the doorsteps of ours houses to notify the entire building that from 0900 to 2100 on 10/07/2021 we are expected to have a power supply interruption.

Additionally we are advised that 2100 is the earliest whereas 0200 of 11/07/2021 is the latest we should have our electricity supply back. Now imagine from 24 hours to 35 hours for residents of level 21-33 and 15 hours for the rest of the building. No alternatives were given. No proper statement from the management nor was there an initiative from the management to rectify the issue before they decided to head back home and sleep peacefully.

Below you may find there is more issues we residents would like to highlight

1. Intercom has been down for 3 months
2. Management take petty things seriously while ignoring major issues at hand.
3. Management insists on getting maintenance fee monthly yet fail to maintain the facilities of the building
4. Irresponsible behavior towards alarming issues such as power supply interruption and more
5. Providing contradicting statements to the residents
6. Residents affected with loss of food that had been stored during these trying times (Pandemic SOP's)
7. Failure to issue and official notice when the event took place (official notice was left on door step of residents house only after 24hrs from the time of the event)
8. All WFH residents affected by the event
9. No alternative was given such as calling TNB to provide a Gen-set (management had lied to residents that TNB has been notified)
10. Harassment from the guards (SOP's from management for guards actions)

With the above we seek for :-

1. Change of management
2. Pay compensate/ damages
3. Bring this further/ Tribunal etc

We want the Management of Desa Sentul to be held accountable for being incompetent.
In reference to "The Strata Management Act 2013 (SMA 2013) , under Section 21 (1) of the SMA 2013" All of the reports and the signatures from the residents shall be handed over to the ADUN of Batu Muda for the next course of action as stated above of point 1-3.

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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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