Remove Name Suppression For Paedophiles + Establish Public Sex Offender Register

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Children are sacrosanct; they are a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.
Paedophilia is a ‘dark secret’. Paedophiles thrive on anonymity.
Paedophiles in New Zealand are commonly granted name suppression under present legislation protecting their ‘dark secret’ and preserving their reputation and standing in the community.
Suppression of the paedophile’s name should only be available if requested by the victim.

We, the undersigned, call on the House of Representatives to enact the following:
1. Remove all rights to name suppression of a person convicted of paedophilia unless for only as long as it is specifically requested by the Victim.
2. Establishing a publicly available register of convicted sex offenders to ensure the public is aware of who is living amongst them and the potential risk they may pose to children.

As well as signing here online, you can go one step further and download the petition and help us Save Our Kids by taking this petition around your community and gather support for an issue that cannot be ignored.


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