Tell Sanctuary Asia Magazine to revoke award for burning baby elephant photo

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Sanctuary Asia Magazine's Wildlife Photography Awards awarded Biplap Hazra with one of its 27 honors for his photograph. The photograph shows an elephant calf with its hindquarters in flames, and an adult elephant with burning feet running and screaming in horror through the streets. The townspeople of the Bankura District of Eastern Bengal were to blame for this unimaginable cruelty. They are seen in the background of the photograph throwing 'flaming tar balls' and 'crackers' at the elephants, jeering as they ran. We do not know the fate of those poor elephants on that day, only one image of their horrific torture at the hands of an angry, sadistic mob.

Apparently the Bankura District has many issues with human-elephant conflict: elephants eating crops, damaging farmland. The elephants are also suffering from habitat loss at the hands of humans, which is no doubt why they are venturing closer to where humans reside, in search of vegetation to eat. It has been reported that there has been loss of human life as well in these encounters. It is no doubt a tragic, heart-breaking situation for humans and animals alike.

While I understand we must shine a light on injustice in all parts of the world, and then DO SOMETHING to change it, simply awarding an image so cruel should not be allowed. This does nothing but encourage others to simply 'take a photo' when they see fellow human beings torturing and brutalizing our beautiful wildlife, in the hopes of winning a prize and global recognition for the most extreme photograph.

Please sign this petition asking Sanctuary Magazine to revoke their award for this photograph, and stop rewarding images of brutality and perpetuating spectator behavior when witnessing cruelty against animals.