Costco: Stop Promoting Dolphin Exploitation In Arizona. Four Dead, Five Remain Captive.

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Costco is offering discounted tickets to the dolphin prison, Dolphinaris Arizona. I’ve contacted in writing and over phone several within the Costco Corporation regarding the current Dolphinaris Arizona promotion. Conversations have been well received, though no action has been taken. Emails remain unanswered. Many others within the community have reached out to Costco, as well, urging Costco to drop the promotion.

Dolphinaris Arizona opened in the fall of 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The dolphin prison advertises dolphin performances, viewing tanks and swim with dolphin programs to paying patrons. This is immoral and abusive. These magnificent mammals are exploited for profit and greed. The opening of Dolphinaris Arizona was met with much protest within Scottsdale, Phoenix and beyond. Dolphinaris Arizona is owned by Ventura Entertainment, an entertainment company based in Mexico, which owns several dolphinariums throughout Mexico.

Four of eight bottlenose dolphins have died in just sixteen months. 2018 ended in tragedy with the death of Khloe, a 10 year old bottlenose dolphin. It is reported Khloe died of Sarcocystis and had been sick for six years. Bodie died in September 2017 due to a fungal infection much like Valley Fever, common in the desert. In May of 2018, Alia died due to an acute bacterial infection. Sadly, we add another dolphin  to this list. Kai'nalu, a 22 year old bottlenose dolphin was euthanized on January 31, 2019 after falling ill approximately two weeks prior. Bottlenose dolphins have a life expectancy of between 40 and 60 years. Khloe, Bodie, Alia and Kai'nalu were between the ages of 7 and 22. Four bottlenose dolphins continue to suffer in captivity under the blazing Arizona sun.

Dolphins are sentient beings exploited for profit and greed. They are intentionally kept hungry so that they can be “rewarded” with dead fish when they perform tricks to entertain patrons. Life in tiny cement tanks is a cruel and deplorable abuse of these awe-inspiring beings. Dolphins are highly evolved, intelligent, social beings. They are gifted with echolocation, have different dialects and share deep emotional and family bonds. Dolphins are free-ranging mammals that swim up to forty miles daily in the wild. A cement swimming pool in the desert is by no means adequate for dolphins.

Food deprivation, abuse, and dolphins dying in tanks at Dolphinaris Arizona is part of a larger problem. Many people do not understand where dolphin shows begin. Visit Ric O' Barry's Dolphin Project for information about the brutal drive hunts in Taiji, Japan. The drive hunts occur each year from September until March. Dolphins are driven into The Cove in Taiji, where they're netted off from escape. Those not selected for life in captivity are brutally slaughtered. These horrific captures and slaughters gained worldwide attention with the release of The Cove, an Oscar-winning documentary, in 2010. Tickets purchased to dolphin shows perpetuate this horrible industry.

Marine parks have no place in our world anymore. Dolphins do not belong captive in swimming pools for human entertainment and profit. This is exploitation, not education. The only habitat that meets a dolphin's living requirements is their home in the boundless ocean.

Costco, it is time to act responsibly and take the lead on this issue. Dolphins do not belong captive in the Arizona desert. Please drop all advertising and offers for Dolphinaris Arizona. By promoting Dolphinaris Arizona, Costco is supporting this horrible industry beginning in places like Taiji and followed to the tank.

Help give voice to 4 remaining captive dolphins in the Arizona desert.

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