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Send the new Citizen's Guide to Congress

PGPF just released a new edition of The Citizen's Guide to the State of the Union's Finances with the latest federal government figures.  This updated publication is a handy reference for Americans concerned about the economy; it provides a concise summary of where our nation stands financially and where it is headed fiscally.   

Read the Citizen's Guide,  

send it to Congress.  

Inside the updated Citizen's Guide, you (and your elected officials) will find:  

- Updated numbers illustrating our growing fiscal crisis
- Helpful charts that break down just how much we owe - and why
- An executive summary for quick information at a glance
- Links to other organizations calling for economic change  

We're currently in a $56 trillion fiscal hole that keeps getting $2-$3 trillion deeper each year.  It's time to stop digging and start figuring how we are going to climb out of this massive fiscal hole.   

Send Congress the Guide        

"Peter G. Peterson Foundation"
Date: 1 апреля 2009 г. 14:55  

Peter G. Peterson Foundation
   Our America. Our Future.

This action is shared between Fair Trade, End Homelessness & Poverty In America  (which should also have the word "end" or "stop" or an apropriate synonym preceeding it!).

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