Make Insurance Companies Grant Full Benefit Access During Covid

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My 84-year-old mother has Alzheimer’s and a brain tumor; the brain tumor impacts her mobility. She no longer drives and is therefore unable to run errands on her own and increasingly can't perform daily self care and management tasks. She is often disoriented including unaware of time of day or where she lives, can’t recall how many cats she has, periodically loses use of her legs, etc, etc.

She has long term care insurance through AARP MetLife that she has been paying into since 2005.

However, while still at home, she is not eligible for the full benefits awarded as if she were in a retirement/memory care facility...but the facility we selected isn’t taking memory care residents until at least spring 2021, saying they can't ensure keeping residents safe during Covid.  Her local paper daily reports Covid cases and deaths in elder care facilities/retirement homes...even if we could place her in a retirement/memory care facility, given Covid, it would not be the ethical thing to do.

While her insurance does cover some in home care, she needs access to her full benefit as she would receive if in a facility.  The right thing to do is for insurance companies to open up full benefit access during this unprecedented time.

I called the Alzheimer’s association for help and they directed me to the Illinois elder advocacy office; I left a message and have not heard back. I’m sure we’re not the only family in such a situation.

Help, please. Quickly advance legislation instructing insurance companies to change policy for benefits access during Covid.