STOP EUTHANASIA of U.S. Wild Horses - YES to LIFE!

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Our few U.S. Federally Protected Wildhorses are at risk of Mass Euthanasia  in the current congressional cycle of 2017 in planning for 2018.

 EUTHANASIA may in fact be a greater risk than horse slaughter, because virtually all representatives know, that 80% of Americans are united against horse slaughter. Hence most representatives feign or profess to care deeply about horses, even while they make the false case, that Euthanasia or Slaughter is in the horse's best interests. 

The Department of Interior Appropriations Committee has specifically voted yes to Euthanasia and the largest advocacy groups are only alerting citizens to call against horse slaughter.  This is a dangerous over-sight.  Euthanasia is easier for Congress to vote for, and "EUTHANASIA" is the language being used as OK, versus Slaughter, for the wildhorses in the current Interior Budget. Deadly semantics, we need to say no to both and YES to LIFE!

Listen to this House Interior Appropriations committee hearing on youtube here:

CALL your senators and representatives to specifically oppose both Wildhorse Euthanasia and Horse Slaughter. YES to LIFE!                                        

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 CALL TO ACTION 7/25/17  

Dear First Peoples and Americans, U.S. Congress,
Today, there are less than 100,000 Wild Horses in our country. But there are Millions of Cattle on our public lands. Wild horses are a native species. Cattle are an invasive species, from Asia. Wild horses share in the history and heritage of this country and their birthright, as a native species, is under dire threat, once again.

The House Interior Appropriations Committee VOTED, on 7/18/17, to specifically 'MASS EUTHANIZE' the nation's wild horses, who are needlessly confined in expensive holding pens. They did this through a VOICE VOTE to avoid personal accountability.

Our response must be immediate and direct. Congress needs to receive our outraged calls against MASS EUTHANASIA, as well as against horse slaughter. With the vast majority of the American people against horse slaughter, politicians are reluctant to record a vote in favor of horse slaughter. So this new tactic is to propose MASS EUTHANASIA and label it "aggressive management". It is called the Stewart Amendment, introduced by Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah.
Mass Euthanasia is the greatest threat to our protected wild horses, under BLM management, right now. By their own admission, in the Appropriations Committees, the threat of horse slaughter is only being raised and used as a tool to push for other alternatives. Mass Euthanasia is their alternative tool for the extermination of our wild horses.

Members of Congress are well aware that 80% of Americans strongly oppose horse slaughter, according to a Lake Research Poll. 
Now, we must call our U.S. Senators and Representatives and let them know that we are strongly opposed to Mass Euthanasia, as well as Slaughter. This is a betrayal of the public trust and constitutes the misuse of taxpayer funds for fiscally irresponsible management.

The BLM is currently mismanaging the public's wild horses in a way that increases the birth rate per the National Academy of Sciences (Puppy Mill style). The National Academy of Sciences recommends that contraception be utilized. Contraception has been utilized successfully on many LARGE Wild Horse Areas out west and on large islands and the coasts for up to 30 yrs. 
The BLM is refusing to utilize contraception, across the board, even though it can be darted, in remote areas, via helicopter; one family band at a time, with multiple cameras on the helicopters, to ensure safety and transparency. This is also the fiscally responsible method of wild herd management as PZP is feasible at a cost of $8 vs the current $74, being spent on maintaining wild horses, in unnecessary holding pens, per month per horse.

(Our Border Senators and Representatives COULD, also STOP the transport of our horses to slaughter, over the Mexican border, but they have not. Hence we are copying NM Senator Udall and NM Senator Heinrich, as well. Stopping slaughter in the US (through a 1 year defunding of USDA inspection) and then allowing and promoting it to flow out of our NM ports of entry, at the SAME time, constitutes a LOOK GOOD move and does not reflect an anti- horse slaughter position. Let them know this when you call.)

Representatives Amodei, Stewart, and Simpson have lied to Congress, a Title 18 Crime. They have lied about an "NGO" (Citizens Against Equine Slaughter aka CAES) having blocked birth control experimentation, as if to say the BLM now has no other options but mass euthanasia or slaughter. In fact, CAES strongly promotes the use of PZP contraception, in line with best practices and proven science.

CAES, however, did successfully block, pro se, the BLM planned illegal vivisection style sterilization experimentation on 200 conscious pregnant mares, in Burns Oregon in 2016. This was an in-field sterilization of 200 pregnant live mares via ovariectomy via colpotomy through their peritoneum, blind, no scopes. This was not aseptic, and there was also no way to keep wild mares on their feet, and quiet, necessary for any possible recovery, hence this was extreme animal cruelty, illegal, and most if not all mares would have died horrible deaths of infection or evisceration, along with the fetus' inside them. 


No examples of large western areas or even large coastal areas were given in committee as proven models of the successful use of PZP immune-contraceptive. Included in these omissions were Pryor Mountain and McCullough Peaks, and others. Left out also was Assateague National Park in Maryland (48,000 acres), under the Department of Interior, utilizing non-sterilizing PZP for almost 30 yrs without the need for one round up or one adoption. 

*(The link to the Committee's Discussion and Voice Vote is provided above)*
The next step for this Dept. of Interior Bill, which includes the Stewart Amendment, will be a full floor vote, in the House. We will post the date of the vote, when known, but we can begin calling our Representatives now. 

CALL Your senators and representatives to specifically oppose both Wildhorse Euthanasia and Horse Slaughter. YES to LIFE!

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Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES)