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Change the California law that mandates the coverage of infertility treatments to require insurance companies to cover IVF for the treatment of infertility.

As it stands now, the law that mandates the coverage of infertility by insurance companies specifically exempts them from having to cover IVF. No matter what your health situation, no matter what your diagnosis for infertility, no matter how good your insurance plan, insurance companies in California do not have to cover IVF.

I am infertile and I am not alone. One in eight couples suffers from infertility. At a young age it was discovered that I have endometriosis and despite multiple surgeries to prevent it, the endometriosis has caused blockages around my fallopian tubes and scar tissue around my ovaries. My eggs cannot break through that scar tissue and it is impossible for me to get pregnant naturally. My husband and I have tried multiple treatment options, and have been trying to conceive for almost six years, but our doctors have told us that our only option to have a baby is through IVF. 

Although we have excellent insurance, it does not cover IVF and there is no other plan or coverage option, available to us, that does. This leaves us holding the bill for a $17,500 medical procedure and while we are financially able to care for a child, we don't have that much money at our disposal, not many people do.

While there are loans for infertility treatment available, the interest rates are incredibly high. Just the idea of applying for a loan is daunting. You find yourself thinking, if I get a loan that I have to make payments on for two or three or four years, what will I be depriving my future child of in order to be able to make the loan payments? How will I pay for their needs and contribute to a college fund and pay for the loan I had to take just to be able to get my body to work properly so I could have the child in the first place? Instead of just the normal financial concerns of how to afford having children, you have to add the amount of money you have to spend just have the chance to have a child.

For us and many others, IVF is our only chance to have a child but without it being covered by our insurance, it isn't a good option. We have two choices: go into debt in order to attempt to have a child or try and save and fund raise until we are able to pay for IVF. The risk with continuing to try and save and fund raise is that with each passing month, my fertility further declines with age. 


There is a third option which is to petition the members of the California Senate Standing Committee on Insurance to change the existing law to require insurance companies to cover IVF. You can help by signing this petition today and let our representatives know that you support that change. 

To learn more about our story, please visit our blog: The Quest for Baby Lane

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