Convince Sen. Susan Collins not to support a right wing Supreme Court Nominee.

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With Senator McCain not in Washington and unlikely to be back for the foreseeable future Republicans have only 50 votes in the Senate. While the Vice President can break a tie, he cannot cast a vote if just one of the remaining Republican senators chooses to vote against a bill or nomination. With the most moderate of the conservative Supreme Court Justices, Anthony Kennedy, announcing his retirement there is now grave concern about a Trump nominee and the future of both the US Supreme Court and the country. Many feel the appointment of a radical conservative is a foregone conclusion but there is some glimmer of hope. One of the most moderate Republican Senators, Susan Collins of Maine, announced that she will not support a candidate who would overturn Roe v. Wade. Facing these facts any other President would likely seek a consensus nominee who might be more of a centrist, however, with Donald Trump in the Whitehouse it's very likely he will nominate a radical conservative and he along with Mitch McConnell will begin to put immense pressure on Senator Collins to cave on her convictions. There can be little doubt the threats and taunting from the President will be coming, but there is also little doubt to in my mind that Senator Collins is the only Republican Senator with the courage and fortitude to stand on her principles in the months to come. I am starting this petition to ask Senator Collins to do just that. 

Senator Collins the country needs you to stand strong and not give into the pressure put on you by the President and Senate leadership. Whether the Supreme Court moves radically to the right and undoes decades of civil rights protections enshrined by the court is entirely in your hands.