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Re-evaluate the issue and find who is really at fault

This is extremely important because not all "Pit Bulls" are dangerous. It has been proven in numerous studies and tests that the American Staffordshire Terrier, as they are specifically categorized as, has a better temperament than a Golden Retriever with children and other pets. This petition is important, because it is not right for the responsible owners of this breed to have to register their dog as a dangerous dog when, in fact, their dog poses no threat to society at all. The people who fail to properly socialize and train their dogs should have tougher laws against them owning animals at all. The dogs are not to blame here, the people who fail them are. All dogs have teeth and any breed can bite. The media doesn't bring to light the Chihuahua attacks, or the Labrador/Golden Retriever attacks. They are only after the American Staffordshire Terrier and only they know why. They are not bad dogs, they fall victim to bad owners.

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  • Senator Sue Wilson Beffort enforcing tougher laws on Pit Bulls

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