Stop the Bullying by Attorneys!

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US Bankruptcy Attorneys create legal bills in a bankrupt estate to prevent its client to question how they billed and administered the case. US Bankrupt Attorneys use their absolute control over the Estate's money for their own self-interest- billable hours until the money runs out. 

The US Trustee's Counsel creates legal bills until their client, the bankrupt estate, has no money left in it. Then, the US Trustee's Counsel submit its 'fee application submission' to the Court but the Estate cannot dispute the submitted attorney's bill because the Estate lacks money to argue with the attorneys. The attorneys threaten to submit more bills to the Estate if the Estate, their client, questions the validity of their bills or of how they handled the case. 

In private practice, lawyers submit bills to their clients but cannot charge their clients if their client asks questions about the bills. However, in Bankruptcy Court, the US Trustee and his attorney has the right to charge its client for questioning its bill. That is an abuse of power. That is an abusive litigation technique that prevents accountability of attorneys and obstructs justice. There is no justice if the client lacks the rights to question his attorney's bills. 


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