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Cabin Air Quality Act

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Cabin Air Safety Act:

This new Cabin Air Quality Bill was Introduced into Congress this week by Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT). It is a good start. However, the bill falls short in several areas. They mention adding Chemical Sensor Detectors for Carbon Monoxide but no mention on whether there will be detectors for VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds such as TCP Tricresyl Phosphate and Beta Naphthylamin which are the main culprits for Pilot, Flight Attendant and Passengers who suffer from Neurological, Respiratory, Cardiac and Nervous System damage. 

Senator Blumenthal has initially proposed for including Fume Event Flight Attendant and Pilot Training, New Cockpit Reporting Guidelines and Onboard Chemical CO2 Sensor Detectors. However, this would also need to minimally include these additional three areas:

1) a re-establishment of pre-deregulation maintenance standards on C-Check, Engine Overhaul and most importantly mandatory Wet Seal Engine replacement required at 5,000 flight hours as it was previously instead of the dangerous toxic 30,000 or more flight hours it is today.

2) require future aircraft models at Boeing and Airbus to return to the clean non-bleed air model that is utilized in the Boeing B787 Dreamliner and the new delivery bleed free option of the Airbus A320.

3) The Chemical Sensor Detectors for Carbon Monoxide would also need to be able to detect VOCs which are for Volatile Organic Compounds such as the TCP Tricresyl Phopshate and Beta Naphthylamin. VOC Chemical Sensor detectors are currently available with a company called RKI Instruments contact info: (800) 754-5165. The PID Gas Monitor has the ability to screen for these VOCs. As well as the VOC air filtrations system currently in use at DHL can filter them out of the air supply.

Thank you for your prompt attention and support for this important legislation that affects us all.



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