Prevent Animal Crushing

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I am absolutely for the s. 654 PACT Act bill (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act) because if it is passed, better security and punishments will then better the lives of animals and their safety. This bill works to prevent animal crushing which is the act of torturing animals and killing them for amusement, and then posting it for the world to see. The harmful acts people are doing to animals and then even posting themselves doing it is horrific. This bill is a step closer to fixing a lot of these major issues with animal cruelty. The federal law prohibiting the creation and distribution of “crush videos” does not cover the underlying acts of animal abuse, which can occur beyond the reach of state cruelty laws. The PACT Act closes that loophole by extending federal jurisdiction to these specific, particularly heinous crimes. The PACT Act is consistent with other federal laws that address acts of malicious animal cruelty that have an interstate nexus.

            Animal cruelty is an issue that must be dealt with considering animals play a major role in our society today. These animal crushing videos are disgusting and when I had first come across an animal crushing video, it had made me sick to my stomach. I have always cared about Animal Cruelty and Animal Rights issues, but after seeing such videos it motivated me to get involved even more. Animal cruelty happens all over the world today in many different ways, so if this bill can become a law, we are one step closer to stopping animal cruelty.