Stop Data Cheat by MTN and Aitel in Nigeria

Stop Data Cheat by MTN and Aitel in Nigeria

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Started by Ibukun Atoro

Consistent with Section 108 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (NCA 2003), the Commission is responsible for the approval of tariffs and other charges for the provision of service by licensed telecommunications service providers.

However its been discovered that these tariffs which are often rolled-out almost on monthly basis by these Telcos (mainly MTN and Airtel) are designed often to cheat their subscribers. Cheating means, the process of charging for data per MEGABYTE are not transparent and in all circumstances too high.

Meanwhile the proposal to accepts a new tariff plan by NCC are way too fast without seeking the effect on the subscribers which is the general public. 

Therefore looking at the rate these Telcos get approval for new tariffs which often end up wounding the purse of their subscribers, there seem to be a consistent racketeering  between a certain quarter of NCC (people who approve new tariffs) mentioned at the expense of the general public.

Consequently a fresh auditing must be allowed to be conducted code to code and how they configure their machine to charge against what they publish they would be charging. This is transparency is highly needed now.

This petition is to be used to summon both Telcos (MTN and Airtel) by the chairman house committee on communication and the chairman senate committee on communication respectively and allow the public to ask these providers questions especially ones that relate to how their system charges per bit and megabytes data at peak and off-peak.

According to research and poll conducted recently 93.2% Nigerian are unsatisfied and uncleared with the manner at which MTN and Airtel especially remove data bought on any of their tariffs.

121 have signed. Let’s get to 200!