STOP Philippine Bureau of Customs Plan to open Balikbayan Boxes

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In Behalf of estimated 2.3 Million OFW & Expats in the world, we are Urging & Asking Bureau of Customs plan to Open Balikbayan Boxes to Stop.

I agree with Senator Ralph Recto's opinion that there's more important issues that needs to be looked at by BoCustoms like Big time Smugglers. Why big smugglers can easily operates and not being detected by them? That's a big questioned?! I don't want to speculate that there's something wrong with BoCs, but "News from CNN Philippines & SWS surveyed" dated 15th of March 2015 ( ) tell us the picture why there's something wrong on this agency.

The feelings that the box arrived to the recipient family members intact & no damaged, was so great. They opened it with excitement. Where's the excitement you reckon if they found that their boxes was opened by others before them?

Did you know the hardship & sacrifices that we have to make in order fill those boxes, in order send it to our love ones? We have to save money, cut personal allowances, visit garage / lawn sale every weekend to buy those stuffs that others consider as trash but for us, as treasure!? Save money to buy new stuffs to make our family back in Pinas happy?

My opinion, BoC should only check those Balikbayan Boxes we're the Sender and Recipient already found guilty of smuggling. Senders who have had used the Balikbayan Boxes services for business. They can put it under their block list. If they found that those personnel already sent too much more than the allowed yearly limit or monthly limit, then, they should investigate. In saying that, as per Senator Recto said, there should be CCTV footage. They should ring the recipient and in front of them, they can open the suspected box. In that case both parties are happy, specially if it is legitimate Balikabayan box.

Thank you. Mabuhay po tayong lahat. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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