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Revise Article 26 353-B to Protect Pets from Inclement Weather NY


As recent cases of neglect, due to pets being left out in the cold have come to light in New York, it has been made clear that some changes need to be made to Article 26B ( Agriculture and Market Law- relating to Cruelty to Animals ). I would like N.Y. to create an example and require that no dog or cat be left out for an extended amount of time in inclement weather, which includes : - When the temperature outside is 35°F or below - When the outside temperature is 85°F or higher - When there's a wind chill warning - When there is a heat advisory - When there is a blizzard or hurricane. Also that for any pet living outside for the majority of the time, the guidelines for adequate shelter be changed to add: - Shelter must be well constructed, have a slanted roof, enclosed sides, a doorway and a solid, level floor raised at least two inches from the ground. - Shelter should have no cracks or openings other than the entrance. - Shelter must be rainproof and windproof with adequate bedding, such as hay, straw, cedar shavings, or blankets. Together we can provide a better quality of living for our pets!      

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    Senator Marty Golden, Assembly Carl Heastie, Nicole Malliotakis, Matthew Titone, James Tedisco
  • Senator Marty Golden, Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie

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