Reinstate on-road titles for Military Vehicles in Colorado

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We need your help to restore the ability for military vehicles to be operated on the roads and highways of the state of Colorado. These vehicles are an important resource to the state and its residents including:

  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Search and Rescue Groups
  • Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry
  • Veterans Groups
  • Parades, Community events, and Museums
  • Recreation and Camping

Due to a change in the Colorado titling system, Military Vehicles required a change in the statute to be titled.  This change, Senate Bill 19-054, changed the primary title option for military vehicles from on-road to off-road only.  A second option of Historical Military vehicle provided for in the bill has been eliminated by the Colorado Department Of Motor Vehicles through a guidance memo. Confining these vehicles to off-road only titles will prevent their use and eliminate their value.  Prior to the computer system change, these vehicles were given on-road titles and the state enjoyed the benefits of their use. This petition seeks new legislation, or revision of existing legislation, to allow for the on-road titling of Military Vehicles in the state of Colorado.