Shutdown the LAVOO LOUNGE in Bayside, Queens


Shutdown the LAVOO LOUNGE in Bayside, Queens

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Michael Kane started this petition to Senator John Liu and Assemblyman David Weprin

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On February 28th two shootings and three individual slashings occurred in front of the LAVOO Cafe nightclub in Oakland Gardens, NY. Since this establishment has been opened it has brought nothing but egregiously menacing disturbances to this quiet, safe Queens neighborhood. The violent incidents were reported in the New York Daily News on February 29, 2020 at the following link:  

Patrons of this club have been shot in the front of the nightclub, have shot at others and have even gone into the streets with guns shooting bullets in the surrounding residential neighborhood, deeming our otherwise safe streets a crime scene.

Patrons of this nightclub have been slashed and slashed others directly outside of the nightclub; the February 28th incident was not the first time a slashing or stabbing had occurred due to the unruly patronage of this establishment.

Patrons of this nightclub leave the establishment dangerously drunk every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, due to bottle service, a big attraction for these patrons. Hard liquor is sold by the bottle with unmonitored consumption. Recently there was a car crash causing multiple deaths linked to LAVOO patrons. Reports indicate the possibility of two individuals who drove the wrong way on the Grand Central Parkway we’re coming from this club drunk, loitered for a while in their car then drove, ending in a deadly head-on collision that killed themselves and a female passenger in the car they hit. The innocent driver of that car was a local parishioner of the American Martyrs Church on Union Tpke and Bell Blvd in Oakland Gardens. Watch a CBS report about that tragic accident at the following link:

Patrons of this night club have broken windows, stealing the contents of local residents cars. Patrons of this night club have thrown slate bricks through windows of local residents' homes as a result of being asked to please not urinate in the gardens, or disrobe in the middle of the street. Police reports related to these incidents were filed with the 111 precinct.

Patrons of this nightclub have been terribly disrespectful; screaming, yelling obscenities, making catastrophic scenes in front of residences at 2,3,4 am in the morning. Patrons regularly park illegally all throughout Union Turnpike and adjacent streets; at bus stops, hydrants and in designated parking lots for residents only. Patrons speed out of the parking lots, down streets recklessly and through red lights. 

Patrons of this nightclub are suspected to have targeted residential cars for theft, as multiple cars have been broken into at night on the weekends since LAVOO opened for business. Oakland Gardens is a fantastic place to live. It is an extremely diverse community where White, Black, Hispanic and Asian families live together harmoniously. There are hundreds of children and Seniors in the neighborhood who used to sleep quietly at night because their neighborhood was safe. This nightclub is threatening to change all of that, and is even a life-threatening presence in the community.

The LAVOO Nightclub needs to be shut down, or at bare minimum, its liquor license needs to be revoked. This establishment was presented to the community as a "lounge" but it has not operated as such. It is a full-blown nightclub that has no interest in the surrounding community. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the patrons come from outside communities to drink and wreak havoc. Worse still, the night after the shooting LAVOO actually attempted to open the club for business! Blood still stained the streets from bullets and blades earlier that morning, but all LAVOO cared about was making money. Thankfully the police showed up in full force and compelled the owners to shut the establishment for the evening. 

Sign this petition, and then contact our local elected officials Senator John Liu and Assemblyman David Weprin, and tell them they need to help the community in our effort to return safety and decency to Oakland Gardens.

Assemblyman David Weprin: 718-454-3027 -

Senator John Liu: 718-765-6675 - &




This petition made change with 1,530 supporters!

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