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Senator David J. Valesky and Onondaga County Legislature: Pass/sponsor a bill for an animal abuse registry in Onondaga County.

There is a high level of animal abuse in Onondaga County. The recidivism rate for animal abusers is high, and preventative measures are crucial. Animal control is constantly dropping off abused animals to the Dewitt Animal Hospital, and these animals often come from the same homes. Syracuse Police Officers go to homes and find starved or dead animals, and there is nothing they can do to keep these individuals from owning another dog because there is nothing in the law saying it is illegal. How many more innocent animals have to be abused or die before a change is made? A registry will require convicted animal abusers to register online, much like sex offenders, and this will keep innocent animals out of their hands if they try to purchase or adopt. Research shows a strong link between animal abuse and human abuse, another reason a registry is of great value to our community. Animal abuse is a worldwide issue, and ending it is a work in progress. Great change takes time and it has to start somewhere.

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