Vote to take away Emergency Powers from Jared Polis

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Jared Polis is over reaching his power due to the current State of Emergency! We encourage Governor Polis to abolish the current state of emergency on his own or we will ask for an emergency vote by Colorado Supreme Court to immediately discontinue the Colorado state of emergency due to Covid-19. We must stop Jared Polis from implementing mandates and keeping Coloradans from opening small businesses and killing Colorado's livelihood. He is infringing on our rights,  we are not free! Our freedom of assembly, our freedom to decide whether or not to wear a mask, and our rights to provide for our family. He is using his power to make an example of small business who open to try to stay alive. He has pushed back our open date and does not have a valid or acceptable opening plan in place. Coloradans have been pushed far enough. It is time to open and stop Jared Polis from causing more damage. Colorado is in financial trouble due to his misuse of state funding. Polis had to stoop to ask the President for federal funding on May 13, 2020. Colorado needs to come together now against Jared Polis. 

This petition is to ask for an emergency hearing to deny emergency powers from Governor Polis.