Reinstate U.S. ban on the importation of animal trophies.

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Trophy hunting is a horrible - but legal - practice, where hunters pay money to kill an animal and take its body back as a prize.  Hunters use these trophies to make themselves look and feel powerful.

Trophy hunters often go for males with impressive features such as large manes and big tusks.

Although hunters may only have took home one trophy, their actions may result in the death of many more animals. Here are two examples of trophy hunting's effects on animal populations.                                                                             

Lions: Once the alpha lion has been killed other lions from outside the pack fight for control of the pack.  The new lions can kill a whole generation of cubs in their fight for the top.         

Elephants: Older elephants have the biggest tusks, so they are the ones targeted.  Lack of guidance from older elephants can cause younger males and females to have negative interactions, therefore making them even more likely to be killed.

Impressive features not only indicate status, they indicate the fact that this animal has 'high-quality' genes.  By killing these animals hunters are removing these genes from the population.  Species need these genes if they are going to survive. 

In 2014 the Obama administration placed a ban on some trophy imports.  Unfortunately, this ban was removed under the new administration.  We need to make an effort and reinstate this ban and save the lives of innocent animals.  It is our government and our responsibility. 

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