Stop the cruel deaths and cruel treatment of horses sent to abbatoirs

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To the Ministers, Mark Furner and Stirling Hinchcliffe, and Senator Bridget McKenzie

On the 19th October 2019 the ABC aired a program 'the last race', exposing the mass slaughter of race and harness horses from across Australia.

Not only did this expose address the above, but also showed clear footage of the inhumane and cruel treatment by workers at the Meramist Abbatoir at Caboolture, in Qld.  There is no denying the abhorrent cruelty recorded by these workers and the lack of onsite welfare monitoring that has occurred on these premises.

Contact has been made by myself with the RSPCA Qld who have stated they have no jurisdiction to investigate the matter and it is in the hands of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.  The RSPCA also stated that a joint investigation is not appropriate.

Multiple emails requesting information as to the relevant government portfolio's responses to the practice of killing race and harness horses for meat and the abhorrent cruelty from workers to these horses at Meramist Abbatoir has at this time not been responded too, other then the computer generated response expected, stating the email has been received.

Given the money that racing of horses generates not only in Queensland and Australia there is no excuse for unwanted horses to not be euthanised appropriately.  


I petition the Ministers and Senator the following;

To request a Royal Commission into the Racing Industry and the disposal of unwanted racing and harness horses;

To request the immediate closure of Meramist Abbatoir at Caboolture, Qld, whilst the investigations are occuring;

All horses bred and born into the racing industry, and horses bred of all breeds in Queensland and Australia need to be registered and tracked through a national data base for the history of their lives.  Unwanted race and harness horses that cannot be rehomed need to be euthanised by a veterinarian and recorded on this national data base;

That investigations of cruelty that are evidenced by the video recording from the ABC 'the last race' be conducted thoroughly in relation to all staff recorded and unrecorded and the owners of Meramist Abbattoir and transporters of the said animals to that destination;

That investigations occur into the responsibility and powers given to the onsite Veterinarians and on site Welfare personal who were allegedly overseeing the well being of all animals and report any breaches in the care and disposal of these animals eg race and harness horses;

That investigations occur into the 'sale yards' located throughout Queensland where these race and harness horses have been placed for sale; and that

These investigations occur with urgency, in an appropriate timeframe, that inform the public in an open and transparent manner, giving breaches, criminal charges and outcomes to the public in an open and transparent manner.

Jennice Evans