Expel Koko Pimentel from the Senate and Charge Him with Violation of RA9271 and RA11332

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We have to make people accountable for their actions and it is before the law that every one is made equal.

It is in this spirit that we should hold our public officials accountable for their actions. Sen . Koko Pimentel has recklessly endangered frontline health workers by violating strict quarantine protocols as a Patient Under Investigation (PUI). His actions resulted to further depletion of an already stretched healthcare system due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sen. Koko Pimentel should be expelled as a Senator of the Republic due to his unbecoming behavior. Furthermore, he must be prosecuted with the full force of the law for violating RA11332 or the Law on Reporting of Communicable Diseases and RA9271 or the Quarantine Law.