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Senator Lynn Beyak Needs To Resign

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Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak made comments last week, saying that the government-funded, church-operated schools where indigenous children endured widespread sexual and physical abuse were not all bad.

After outrage from the nation on this and calls for her resignation she has continued to defend her statement. "I made my statements, and I stand by them," she said. "I think, if you go across Canada, there are shining examples from sea to sea of people who owe their lives to the schools," she said, while acknowledging that the bad parts of the schools were "horrific." 'I've been involved since we double dated when I was 15 with an Aboriginal fellow and his wife.'- Senator Lynn Beyak
"I've suffered with them up there. I appreciate their suffering more than they'll ever know," she said. "The best way to heal is to move forward together. Not to blame, not to point fingers, not to live in the past."

Saskatchewan Liberal Senator Lillian Dyck, the chair of the Aboriginal Peoples committee, has said Beyak should consider resigning from the committee given the outrage generated by her defence of residential schools. Dyck said she fears witnesses will be reluctant to appear before the committee with Beyak at the table. The Conservative senator said there is no way she will resign. "Nobody's given me a valid reason why I should [resign]. I have work to do, for taxpayers and for Native people."

Beyak said she is pushing for a national audit of sorts of all money the federal government spends on First Nations. She said Monday she doesn't believe the money flows to the "grassroots," and is misappropriated by chiefs.


This woman needs to be removed from her position immediately. She needs more education and should not be working on this project. Please sign and share this petition to show her that there is a valid reason she should resign immediately. 

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