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Passing this bill will allow Canadians to place single-event sports wagers in a legal and regulated manner.

The unregulated, illegal sports betting industry is already accepting single-event wagers and this is not in the best interest of Canadians. Passing this bill will ensure the funds are kept in the provinces to benefit everyone through healthcare, education and community programs.

Regulating single-event bets also ensures there are checks and balances in place to protect players and address the concerns raised by professional sports leagues. By not supporting Bill C-290, the Senate is encouraging players to continue turning to illegal gambling in Canada to meet their needs.

Letter to
Senate of Canada
I support Bill C-290. We need a regulated gambling industry that has the checks and balances in place to protect players and the professional sports leagues from illegal activity.

The majority of sports bets are done through off-shore unregulated web sites and illegal betting operations. Through the lack of support for this bill you are actually supporting illegal gambling in Canada because this is where players have turned to meet their needs. This is unfortunate. Pass Bill C-290.

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