Justice for Dominique Maxey

Justice for Dominique Maxey

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Yaminah Maxey started this petition to Government Office Mayor Muriel Bowser and

I was arrested during the George Floyd Riots in Washington DC. 

I , Dominique Maxey is seeking help in regards to my case . I am currently out on bonds. I attend all my court hearings from home on video or via telephone. I have attended all my hearings and called into pretrial every week since May 2020 . 

I was arrested on May 31st  2020 on  our way home from getting pizza. I was tackled to the ground by 5 police officers and my girlfriend was man-handled in front of me.

My girlfriend was released with  no paper, but unfortunately they kept me and charged me with bank larceny. 
I eventually was let go by the judge (06/02/2020) and placed on bonds.



I am seeking other options rather than going to trial . The only other option presented was to provide character letters for a lesser charge . My punishment would be probation , house detention and a felony. This was to be offered by  Public Defender to provide to the prosecutor . My assigned Public Defender was not helping me and turned against me .

The charges were changed 3 times starting with  Bank robbery , to  Bank Larceny  now it's "Attempted Bank Robbery" because no force was used and no teller was present at the time of the proposed incident. 

I have  been a active uplifter in the DMV (Washington DC , Maryland, Virginia) area. 

Since the age of 18  years old , I worked many jobs in the DMV:  Washington Gas Energy Services, Fastfood jobs : KFC/ Taco Bell , McDonald’s , Wendy’s. 

I have worked for famous restuarants in  the DC  area such : as Aleros and The Smith. I also worked other jobs like America Woodmark  , Home Depot .
I also do landscaping with my uncle who is a  business consultant and owns his own business called "Simmons consultant".  I have done many Security jobs in the DMV areas . I have worked for the department of Probation and Boy Scouts of American. 

I am currently uplifting myself to build my foundation to start my own business as a personal trainer and a landscaper . My goal is to eventually expand my business and hire family and friends. I also wish to pursue my college careers, in which I received trophies , awards, and honor certificate 

Also , I was  a member of the student government society for my college . I have volunteered at many churches, and food pantries . I have helped in the grassroots campaign for Obama and encourage many to vote . I help deliver food to the poor and travel to deliver food to people ‘s homes .

I am not a criminal . I just don’t trust the trial justice court system .

I was given the opportunity to serve my community as a firefighter , but In order for me to obtain this position  , I can not have a felony charge on my record. I am requesting dismissal or lesser charge and no jail time being that of no other option .

I witness many innocent individuals-that go to trial and sentenced for many years and later are innocent . 

I am requesting donations to my Gofundme on Facebook to help me obtain  a Federal Defense Attorney to represent my case for dismissal or lesser charge of misdemeanor and not to be incarcerated  .

 I don’t wish for trial process due to no fairness in the justice system . My Public Defender stated during my court case that I have a mental illness just to delay my case and threatened me to participate in a psychologist exam .  Also , he would call to harass me and try to stress me .  I have no record of mental illness or behavior issues . I am not a depressed person .


I do recall stating on my behalf that I'm Dominique Malik Maxey beneficeny of the trust and I wish to represent myself.  By me making this statement , Public Defender stated to judge that I had mental illness and I was not able to speak up to correct him . Still to this day , he calls and states “ Take care of your mental illness and then hangs up the phone . 


I had no option , but to try to represent myself after receiving bad treatment by Public Defender who suppose to help me . I was not assigned a new Public Defender and I feel they all work together for the court .  I no longer have any attorney due to unfair mistreatment.  I was informed that I am  unable to represent myself until I prove to the District Court of DC that I am competent enough to do so.

 A judicial notice was sent to Chief Clerk  of Superior of DC  during feb 2021 certified, return receipt and a copy upload to my file due to all assume crimes are commercial . The judge motion for dismissal and 3 weeks later, all  my information on my file was deleted and case terminated . I believe this is illegal to erase all my information from the beginning .  The next day this same case was merged with a pending case which was self defense . The court considered it as an assault case .

I was jumped by many individual and due to fear for my life , I practiced self - defense . I am not a person who attack people or create harm . 

 Currently , I am waiting for merged case # , a federal lawyer to represent me , to be free from this unfair justice system . 

II need a attorney that is fully devoted to me, my innocence and my freedom. So that he/ she can provide support, and legal advice to ensure that my record remains clean and that I don't spend one day in jail or in a psych ward. My next court case by phone is May 3 , 2021 .

Thank you for anyone who has taken the time to read this and thank you for your donation . Please sign and share my petition  for freedom , justice for , dismissal of both cases ,  so they don’t sweep this under the rug ,

I’m  27 years young. and I have a  future in uplifting people on social media and foreseeing my purpose as a black leader to my fellow peers .

The justice system isn’t fair ✊ Together we stand , divided we fall , Thank you

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!