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The Senate Democratic Caucus Must Elect Bernie Sanders Senate Democratic Leader

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Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is enthusiastically supported nationwide by Americans of varied political affiliations. He has proven to be a leader to millions of Americans across every state in our union. Conversely, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, current frontrunner for Senate Democratic Leader and long time ally of the financial industry, has never engendered mass voter support beyond the borders of his state of New York.

In March 2015, Schumer undermined President Obama by encouraging fellow Democrats to attend a controversial speech before Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The speech was initiated by the Republican Party with the purpose of convincing US legislators that the Iran Deal, negotiated by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, should be rejected.

Six months later, in September 2015, Chuck Schumer was one of only four Democratic Senators to vote against the Iran Deal. This was a clear repudiation of Schumer's own Democratic Party, the Party's leader President Obama, and the well meaning efforts of valued allies to curtail Iran's nuclear proliferation. It is widely believed Schumer's vote was an intentional public dismissal of Obama and an alignment with the Israeli government and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Chuck Schumer is not an honest broker for America and should not be rewarded with the critically important position of Senate Democratic Leader. Bernie Sanders has proven to be a valiant Senator and leader for all Americans. He has the support of millions of Americans and the guts to stand up to the Republican Senate leadership and President Donald Trump. He is the best Democratic Senator to fill the position of Senate Democratic Leader.

Please sign this Petition to demand the Senate Democratic Caucus rebuke the special interest pandering of Chuck Schumer and elect Bernie Sanders the next Senate Democratic Leader. 





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