Petition Against Military Spending

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The past year has been a time of extreme suffering for people around the world. In addition to nearly three million deaths from COVID-19, we have seen massive increases in health problems, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, —even starvation. 

And then there were innumerable climate related catastrophes—wildfires across thousands of square miles, extreme storms and sea level rise and widespread flooding, droughts and famines and then mass migrations.

Instead of responding compassionately to these crises, the most powerful nations in the world have continued to expand their already obscene military budgets. Global military spending saw its biggest increase in a decade, to $1.91 trillion in 2019. And this increase continued in 2020, with the United States spending more than the next ten biggest military spending nations combined. And a growing amount of US money (as well as that of a number of other nations) has gone into building and updating nuclear weapons, including terrifying new “hypersonic” nukes. Such a buildup plays a large part in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists setting its Doomsday Clock to one hundred seconds to midnight, closer than it has ever been in history.

Many have spoken out against this immoral increase in military spending and militarization. The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entered into force in January, 2021. And Pope Francis expanded on the condemnation of nuclear weapons by many of his papal predecessors when, on the 75th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he stated unambiguously,“The use of atomic energy for purposes of war is immoral, just as the possessing of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

We, the undersigned, members of Pax Christi Metro New York and other peace activists join in the Global Days of Action Against Military Spending.  We demand that the United States massively cut its military budget, and above all, its spending on nuclear weapons, and use those funds to relieve the suffering of our own people and others all over the world.