Keep Alterations in the Garage!!

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Since the topic of the new Alteration update was released yesterday on the Tanki Online forum, over 750 negative replies have been made at the time of writing. Clearly, the response from the player-base has been highly unfavorable to this change. Moving alterations to containers (and renaming them "augments," which is improper anyways - it should be "augmentations"... it's like naming alterations "alters") is a change that will so heavily reduce F2P and light buyer player's ability to add variety to gameplay that it is sure to result in a massive decrease in playtime. 

Before this ill-fated update, players had the same 14 turrets but the ability to spice up gameplay with 53 alterations. These alterations were not only used for parkour and other such out-of-real-battle amusements, but they drastically changed how weapons could be used in battle. Thus, players had 67 virtually different weapons. Now? 14. Many augments are of the "Epic" container rarity, though a few are "Rare"... the likelihood of any F2P player getting an alteration they wanted (or even one for a turret they used) is next to zero, considering that the highest weekly F2P container income is 3 (from weekly missions), discounting catching Container Golds in battle.

The point? Give us back alterations in the garage, please, or else many, many people will leave the game. Not all at once, perhaps, but as players lose interest and variety potential, they will become disinterested in continuing to play. Even the players that pay small amounts (which, I may add, constitutes the majority of Tanki's income) will not have/be willing to spend the hundreds of dollars necessary for a shot at getting the specific "augment" they want.