Reinstate Coach Kenne Brown as the Seminole High School Baseball Coach

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Coach Brown has been fired because of his excitement that he could not contain...... I can only imagine how he felt to win a State Championship his first year coaching at Seminole High School.

I am an Alumni of Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida. During my 4 years in high school I ran track. I was not a track star but I was on a winning track team. Yes we won State! During that time I had amazing teammates and I had Coaches that really cared. Sometimes their appropriate language fell short when it came to motivating us or when it came to winning. Even as a student I understood that. 

Last year Mr. Brown a first year baseball coach won the first state baseball championship for Sanford’s Seminole High School in nearly three decades. He has now been fired all due to a celebratory video that recently surfaced online. The video was taken on the team bus right after the state championship game in June.  In the video Mr.  Brown is holding up the Class 9A state championship trophy and giving a profanity-laced speech to his winning team, his kids.  Clearly his words were out of excitement! In the video he also referenced the fact that his star pitcher Charlie McDaniel pulled off an amazing job despite having Type 1 diabetes! Because of the 25 seconds, 42 words and seven f-bombs on the video Mr. Brown is no longer the baseball coach at Seminole High School. 

You read that correctly..... The Superintendent of Seminole County Schools and the Principle of Seminole High School have decided that he should be fired because of the video.   Yes, Mr. Brown could have chosen better words but I like many atheletes before me understand that when coaches make us work hard and actually win they are excited like the win is their own....because it is! In regards to violating Hippa......No I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker......I understand Hippa Violations....This is not one.....Mr. Brown didn’t have to announce Charlie’s health condition....Everyone on the team already knew Charlie had well as everyone who knows him at school.  Clearly he was using his winning pitcher as a example that anyone can overcome any obstacle if they want it bad enough! Something that all of our kids needs! 

Why would you do this to these  kids? 

As a alumni of Seminole High School (State Championship Team) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, please join me in demanding that The Seminole County School Superintendent, Mr. Walt Griffin and The Seminole High School Principle, Mr. Rodriquez, give these kids back their winning Coach! Reinstate Coach Brown as the Coach of Seminole High School immediately! 

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