Help me save Beauty from her cruel and sadistic owners, and bring her to a safe home!!

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I rented a room in a private home in Lake Mary, FL for several months, starting in December 2017. My landlords are a couple, and own 2 large dogs and 3 cats. Shortly after moving in, I began to see the level of chaos and neglect that exists there. Between my landlords in their personal interaction, in the way they care for the house, and of course, in the way they care for their animals.

The 3 cats were kept on the screened patio that covers the pool, and were thrown one bowl of food and one of water for the 3 of them, maybe once a week. One of the cats, Beauty, is declawed and is being severely bullied by the other cats. They do not allow her to eat, and they constantly try to scratch out her eyes, since the animal is defenseless and there is an environment of hostility created by the owners' neglect. She constantly has an open gash oozing with pus, above one or both of her eyes. Beauty is also barked into a corner by the dogs, and kept there for long periods of time. The poor animal lives a miserable life of torment, with no one to advocate for her. And a litter box?? What's that? They have turned the decorative stones around the pool into one big crap box.

Beauty is long-haired and had never been brushed. When I moved there, I found huge knots in her hair, some that I had to gently cut off and other just came off in clumps when I tugged on them, and left her with hairless patches all over her body. When it's raining, the other 2 cats are in the covered area of the patio. Beauty prefers to just be off by herself, and sleeps on a glass table, in an uncovered area, and lays there just being rained on. It's heartbreaking.

Upon seeing all of this, I immediately addressed it with them and their response was to take $50 per month off my rent in exchange for my taking care of the cats. Which I did the entire time I was there. 

Eventually, things got unbearable for me, as these people are lacking in moral character and integrity, in all areas of their lives. She has 6 children, all removed from her care due to abuse and neglect. He is a sex offender. They have multiple arrests for domestic violence against each other, as well as criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in other Florida counties. They are not fit to care for any living thing.

When I let them know I was moving, I offered to move the cats with me and take them off their hands. They refused and instead, created an even more hostile situation, in where another roommate and her 4 year old child were assaulted and police had to return multiple times in the same weekend.

They have now fled the home with their clothes and animals, and believed to be in a house owned by him, also in Seminole County. 

I am requesting the County track these people down, in one of these 2 possible places they could be living and remove these cats from their care. I have extensive documentation of everything I am claiming in this petition. I will adopt them and bring them to Safety. Thank you for reading this far, I truly appreciate it.